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Fabiola Noguera obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies from Cal State University, Long Beach. She has been in the education field for a little over fifteen years and has worked with a variety of age groups from infants to elementary school-age children. She has had the privilege of working with families from diverse backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, and religious beliefs. She aspires to advocate the importance of the family unit, and the whole child through education and spiritual growth. One of her greatest passions is to empower individuals to look beyond their own expectations and to know that challenging moments can teach us how strong and capable we truly are.

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She is the only member of her immediate family to be born in the United States, but has a great love for her family’s country, Managua, Nicaragua from where they emigrated in 1978. Although they only had each other and a small apartment, her parents, Amparo and Nelson Noguera, emphasized that “Con Dios, todo es posible” (with God, anything is possible). Fabiola is the proud Godmother to two of her four nieces and nephew and enjoys spending time with family at Dodger/Laker games, at the movies, birthdays, holidays, and DANCING! When alone, she loves a good mystery book and driving around in her GT Mustang.

Fabiola is excited for the new adventure ahead, and looks forward to seeing God’s mission unfold through her love of family and children.

Fabiola Noguera

Fabiola Noguera

Preschool Director