29 April 2023 Saturday
6 - 9 pm

Counseling Center Re-Launch Fundraiser

Providing compassionate counseling at an affordable price

Event by Counseling Ministry Team All-Church

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1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental illness and almost 6 in 10 people get no treatment. The rates of burnout, anxiety and depression are at record levels putting mental health at the forefront of social issues. The need for faith-based counseling is tremendous.

What started out as a small ministry of the Adult Ministries Division is being relaunched and set up to grow. Join the Counseling Ministry Team and its reintroduction of the Lake Ave Counseling Center on April 29 at 6 pm in the FL Rose Room. Register to have dinner with counseling therapists and hear ways you can support the new center. You’ll hear about the center’s mental health resources, a vision for the future, and how it continues to provide compassionate counseling at an affordable price.

Please RSVP for this free dinner!

Questions? Contact Tiffany Reynoso,  or Tsega Worku, tsegaw@lakeave,org