Throughout September, Ministry Council members held small group communal listening sessions to hear what God is saying to us individually around our core discipleship essential of worshiping in unity.  Watch the video to hear themes of what was shared across all sessions and to hear from leaders what has been discerned.

Based on the what we have heard, we will be officially changing our Sunday morning schedule starting Sunday, November 28th.

  • Worship Together at 9:30 AM – We will have one worship service, in person and online, that we believe will allow the LAC family to worship together in unity as much as possible.
  • Connect in Community at 11 AM – This time will be reserved for Adult Sunday School Classes and other opportunities for community building and discipleship. We want to prioritize fellowship and learning after the worship service in a relaxed environment with no official end time.
  • Serve Others at 8 AM – The time before the worship service will be set aside for serving opportunities and worship preparation. We have heard that it has been particularly difficult for people to engage with serving on Sundays when classes meet at the same time.

One thing this plan does not solve is creating an additional worship opportunity for people who are involved in serving during the single Sunday morning worship service.  This need was something church leadership consistently heard and we are committed to working on additional worship opportunities for those that serve.  While we do not yet have a permanent solution, we will begin with trying an evening worship service once a month, starting in December, uniquely designed with those who volunteer and serve in mind.  We plan to have the first of these evening services on Sunday, December 5th.

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