We would like to thank those of you who participated in the recent Winter Congregational Meeting with the agenda item of adopting the Congregational Leadership Covenant.  Along with participating in the vote on the new Covenant. We had over 400 votes with 95.9% affirming the motion to adopt the Covenant, replacing our current Bylaws document.

We are now working to implement the Covenant which includes:

  1. Transition of the Ministry Council to the Elder Council - The elected Ministry Council members are now termed “Elders” and serve on the Elder Council. They will serve in this role until their term has been completed. In addition, Pastor Mathew has appointed Pastor Bill Mead to serve alongside him on the Council.
  2. Transition of Division Members to Deacons - The elected Division Members serving to lead the Adult, Family, Outreach, and Worship Divisions are now termed “Deacons.” They will serve in this role until their term has been completed.
  3. Establishment of the Leadership Development Team - The Leadership Development Team will replace the Nominating Committee structure and process, supporting the congregation in bringing nominees to serve in leadership positions. Efforts are underway to stand up this committee as described below.

Five Deacons have been elected by the Deacons who will work with the staff, leadership, and congregation to prepare a slate to serve on the Leadership Development Team. The five Deacons include Roberta King, Lisa Liou, Audrey Durden, Rich Kasten, and Mark Jolley. They will prepare a slate of individuals to serve on the Leadership Development Team that the Congregation will vote upon in the coming months.


Nominations to serve on the Leadership Development Team can be sent to the 5 deacons at . The deadline to submit names is March 12, 2023.

We are grateful for you, for all who are serving us so well, for our opportunity to be discipled together through Rooted, and for what God is doing these days at Lake Avenue Church.


Crichton Dan 250x250 Dan Crichton
Dan Crichton
Church Chair