Church Family,

As we search for candidates for the Associate Pastor of Congregational Life (APCL), the Pastoral Selection Committee would like to draw your attention to an opportunity for your active participation: the submission of candidate applications and/or the submission of names of prospective candidates. The APCL will function as a shepherd to foster the growth of spiritual health within the congregation, across generations. They will oversee the organization of a variety of ministries through team building, mentoring, preaching, and teaching. They will collaborate closely with the Senior Pastor and other Associate Pastors to carry out the Lord’s vision for this church.

Early this year, the Elder Council formed the seven-member Pastoral Selection Committee to conduct a formal search to identify and bring forward a candidate for the position. The committee has been diligently working to establish a procedure to:

  • Advertise and post documents relevant to the candidate application process 
  • Receive online applications from interested candidates
  • Receive suggestions from the congregation of prospective candidate names

Applications and names of candidates will only be received by the committee if they are submitted to the following online address: 

The deadline to submit names by the congregation is June 12, 2023. Please visit our Jobs at Lake webpage to read more about the key leadership position and prayerfully consider prospective candidates you would like to submit to the committee for consideration.  You can contact the committee with any questions pertaining to the application or process by e-mail.

This process, under God’s guidance, will assist the committee in creating a pool of qualified candidates. The Pastoral Selection Committee is committed to vetting every application and name submitted to us through the online process. When a final candidate is selected, they will be presented to the congregation.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to express its appreciation to Bill Mead, Interim Associate Pastor of Congregational Life, for his faithful service to our church during this time of transition.

Grateful for your prayers,

The APCL Selection Committee

Lori Johnson (Co-Chair), Victoria Popjes (Co-Chair), Shiela Wolford (Elder Council), Peter Gazanian, Marcus Tjajadi, John Smyser, and Jeff Moreno