Message from the Vice Chair

As was mentioned at the Congregational meeting in August we will post a brief summary from the Ministry Council meeting that is held each month to inform the congregation on what we are working on and what we as a council are addressing on behalf of Lake Avenue.

On September 28th, the first meeting of the new fiscal year began with welcoming our newest member Ray Briggs to the council. We were able to spend some time and prayer with our Acting Senior Pastor and friend Jeff Mattesich as we got his update and future plans prior to sharing his intentions to the congregation at the service on Sunday.

As is usual with our first meeting of the new year all members were asked to sign the leadership commitment and reaffirm the civility code as part of how we conduct our sessions.

We were given an update on what was heard at the communal listening discussions on Worship in Unity from the congregation as well as the staff. A proposal that brings balance to our discipleship essentials of worship, service, and community was put forth and will be presented to the congregation at the October 10th communal discernment gathering and in the worship services shortly.

We were able to confirm the budget task force discussed at the congregational meeting to review and realign the budget as necessary.

Church leadership transition – Ministry council is working closely with staff and Jeff to end the acting season well.

SPSC & Special Congregation Meeting – Leadership groups are taking a Matthew 18 approach and working towards a special congregation meeting in October. Information on the date and time will be relayed soon.

Sanctity of Life is being addressed by another task force and we will be updated at our next meeting and will work on getting the information posted on the Leadership page on our website.

You can be praying for our pastors, church staff, and lay leaders as we prepare for the upcoming special congregational meeting.  Continue to hold Jeff and the Mattesich family in prayer as we prepare for Jeff’s season at Lake to close.

Thank You,

Stephen Welch