As part of the body of Christ, we team with our LAC community to expand God's Kingdom by enriching ministry functions with effective technology systems.

LAC Information Technology strives to offer effective systems that are user-friendly and help enrich the process. We are passionate about the growth and development of the church, and seek to use gifts and talents that God gave us to further God's Kingdom.

Our team consists of the following:

Project Management

Provides leadership in managing projects requests of the IT team, and makes sure that project objectives are consistent with the Ministry Purpose.

Also makes sure projects delivered match what the ministry has requested and are delivered by the promised date.

For more information, please contact Emil Tulcan, Director of Communications and Information Technology via e-mail at or 626.817.4821 or David Guzman, I.T.  Manager, at  or 626.817.4824.

Web Development

Develops our family of websites and ensures they are effectively designed to express the identity of the ministry represented and communicates clearly to the audience it's intended for. Works with ministries to develop applications, forms and reports that are needed to enrich the ministry experience.

Provides secure web access, online registration and payment through our LAC site, multimedia enhancements including audio, video, photo slideshows, applications for staff and member needs. Our secure MyLAC website is built upon industry-standard software and audited by professional auditors in the industry. Both our LAC site and MyLAC websites are https encrypted and secured by online security experts GlobalSign.

For more information, please contact Jackson Uy, Website Administrator, at or 626.817.4521.

Network Administration

Maintains our complex IT systems to a high standard to ensure the highest possible efficiency and reliability of the network. Works with our staff, as well as, vendors to make sure systems are up-to-date and providing the services they're intended. 

For more information, please contact David Guzman, I.T.  Manager, at  or 626.817.4824.

Technical Desktop Support

Provides technical support for our staff and our computer workstations, office telephones and cellphone needs. Desktop Support works on maintaining the integrity of PCs and phone on the network, by updating workstation patches, upgrading applications, virus definitions and more.

For more information, please contact Mary Anne Labarda at or 626.817.4829.For any or all other questions please contact  or 626.844.4790 and someone will respond to your request.