For People, For Our Neighborhood

Our Goal

Community Outreach exists to create opportunities to support our neighbors in need by providing care, guidance, resources and advocacy.

We pursue Shalom. We extend Mercy and seek Empowering solutions. We endeavor to walk in Humility and Mutuality. We believe in Sharing in the Work for healthy community transformation.

Focus Areas

Homelessness >

We envision a thriving, interdependent community where each community member will have their basic needs met.

Ample and affordable housing is a clear need in our city and we are committed to sharing in the deep work of care for those experiencing homelessness or those in a housing crisis.

Incarceration and Re-entry
Incarceration and Re-entry >

We envision a world where every person has value and can experience the power of transformation despite a marred past.

Our hope for our incarcerated sisters and brothers is that transformation would become a reality and we commit to a ministry of presence and advocacy for their healthy transition back into the community and for sustained support for them and their families.

Immigrant Issues
Immigrant Issues >

We envision a world where every person would encounter a compassionate community regardless of their country of origin.

We acknowledge that immigrant families in NW Pasadena may have specific community needs and we hope to extend God’s Shalom and genuine compassion to our neighbors.

Education >

We envision a community of empowered youth and young adults that have easy access to a public education that is both equitable and equipped to meet every desired life goal or path.

We support local, public education and are committed to contributing resources towards programs that aid the success and development of the whole child.

Community Outreach Team