During a child’s elementary years, the weekend services include a time of praise and worship, Bible lesson, small group time with activities that apply the lesson, prayer time, and relationship-building opportunities.

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WE ARE NOW MEETING IN MAPLE STREET 300.  We are excited to welcome you to "Sunday Morning Live".  We are offering a children's church service for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  We will meet at a new time 10 am.  Please get your check-in stickers on the first floor of Maple Street.   


Unit 36_3: Before the Throne

Story Point: All people and creatures will worship Jesus.

Focus Verse: Revelation 11:15

Big Picture Question:
What is the hope of the church? The Church looks forward to Jesus' return when we make all things new.

Discussion Questions: 

1. What were the creatures and elders doing? (worshiping the One on the Throne, Rev. 4:9-11)

2. Why did John cry? (No one was worthy to open the scroll, Rev. 5:3-4)

3. Who was the only One worthy to open the scroll? (Jesus, the Lamb; Rev. 5:6-10)

4. Why do you think John cried when no one could open the scroll? Help the kids understand that God’s plan would not continue until the scroll was opened. Guide them to understand that John knew God’s plan was perfect, and he wanted to see it continue. John’s sadness may have been similar to how we would feel if we learned that our favorite story didn’t have an ending. Explain that John’s reaction helps us see how we should long to see God’s plan happen and sin destroyed.

5. Why did John describe Jesus as being like a “slaughtered lamb”? Remind the kids to think all the way back to Exodus, when God rescued the Israelites from Egypt. Discuss the ways Jesus’ role as our perfect sacrifice was a completion of the kinds of sacrifices God commanded His people to make in the Old Testament. Jesus was killed on the cross and raised to life so that we could have forgiveness and eternal life.

6. What is so significant about every creature worshiping Jesus together? Explain to your group that the Bible teaches God the Son, with God the Father, created all things. Jesus deserves all praise, honor, and blessing. Because Jesus is God of all creation, He deserves praise from all of creation.




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