Lake Avenue's Parenting Ministry is here to help you parent Uniquely Better. Unique because each family is different. Our cultures are different, we come from different economic backgrounds, sometimes within the same family...but we have the same Lord who has gifted us uniquely and called us to each other. Better because at each stage of our kids' lives, we need to be better. As we, parents, become better indivudals, disciples, and parents, we are helping our kids become better and know God better.
Parenthood in itself does not make you smarter and more emotionally sophisticated with the practical skills and spiritual maturity to raise your children uniquely better than how you were parented. Emotional intelligence, spiritual maturity, mental insight and practical skills are all needed.
This ministry is here to offer you community and resources to get you to the place you need to be to be a uniquely better parent for your kids. 


family resources


We have an amazing Counseling Center here at Lake Ave, which has opportunities for teens, parents and families. We offer:

  • 1-1 consultation to help determine a hopeful next step for your family
  • 1-1 virtual appointments for parents, teens or families struggling or in crisis
  • Financial assistance for families in crisis.
  • You can find these amazing resources for children and students, parents, and families on the Counseling Center's website.



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Transition Back to Normal?: Leading parents through the transition back to a sense of normal after a year heavily dependent on technology in their kid's lives.


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A Creative Way Through Conflict Part 2: Assisting parents of prek through elementary aged children through conflict that can easily occur within their homes from child issues, parental issues/ child/parent relations and child/child relations. 


Part 1 640 x 360

A Creative Way Through Conflict Part 1: Guiding parents of teens and adolescents through conflict within their child's minds, managing behavior related to conflict outside of the house and controlling conflict within the homes of teenagers.


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Faith in an Anxious World: Resources on understanding your child's anxiety and how to best walk with them through the anxieties of growing up in this world.