God has given the ministry of reconciliation to Christians everywhere, including to us at Lake Avenue Church. As racial reconciliation has become a more prominent part of that ministry in recent years, we believe it is good to articulate Bible-based vision and values for what it is, why it is important, and how we hope to engage it as the body of Christ. This page was formed after gathering input from the Lake Avenue congregation and hearing the thoughts and questions that are important to many of you.

We hope this page will be a launching pad for reflection, conversation, and growth as a community around racial reconciliation. It will be updated frequently with links and videos of church events that delve into these areas in more detail. We will not be able to cover every facet of such a deep topic, but we will continue to add thoughts and questions as we hear more from you and journey together along the discipleship growth journey God has for each of us. Please keep checking back and use this page as a tool for spiritual growth through reflection and conversation. As we move forward together, remember that our goal is not perfect agreement or uniformity, but a fuller and deeper picture of Jesus and growth in learning to love our community as He does.