The Minority Report

The Minority Report

Sunday, October 30, 2022


“Your eternal destiny depends on whether you act based on minority reports driven by faith or majority decisions framed by fear.”

Review the Sermon: Read Numbers 13:26-33, Matthew 27:21-26

  • What do you learn from the decision-making models of the early church?
  • What is ‘participative’ decision-making? How does it relate to spiritual authority?
  • What are the three pitfalls of decision-making?

Dive Into Scripture: Read Numbers 13:26-14:10a

  • What do Caleb and Joshua say about the Promised Land? What is their recommendation, and why do they propose this course of action?
  • What scare tactics did the ten explorers use in order to stoke fear among the Israelites?
  • Why do we so easily make decisions based on fear instead of faith?

Live It Out:

  • In what area of your life do you struggle with fear?
  • How can we follow God where He leads instead of making decisions based on fear?