There are numerous benefits when you contribute to Lake Avenue Church through your personal stewardship.  These may include an immediate income tax deduction, additional lifetime income, a reduction in your adjusted gross income on your taxes, or other benefits.  Most important, the gift type you choose can maximize and extend your investment in God’s work through Lake Avenue Church both now and into the future.

Summarized below are several gift types, one or more of which might fit your needs.  This list is not comprehensive as there are numerous others as well.  Our purpose is to provide ideas as you consider stewardship of the assets you have been blessed with.  While the Church does not provide legal, financial planning or accountancy advice, we can discuss your interests and point to appropriate professional advisement.  

Please let us know if there are other gift type issues you would like to discuss.  You may call Linda Neuenberg 626-817-4808 (), or Les Stocker 626-817-4805 ().

Choosing a Gift type toMeet Your Stewardship Objectives

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Giving a Bequest through your Will or Living Trust

Bequest through your will or living trust results in a meaningful donation to Lake Avenue Church while ensuring that you have adequate funds throughout your lifetime. A bequest is one of the simplest planned gifts to establish.

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Giving Through your Individual Retirement Account (IRA )

Fulfilling the minimum distribution requirements of your IRA by making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) reduces your taxable income and transfers the funds to Lake Avenue Church tax-free. You can also minimize estate tax liability by leaving the remainder of your IRA to Lake Avenue Church by naming us as the beneficiary.

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Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds

Donating appreciated Stock or Mutual Funds can result in an immediate donation to Lake Avenue Church while minimizing your capital gains taxes and giving you the maximum charitable tax deduction possible. A gift through a Trust can provide you with income for life or provide a legacy to your heirs while making a donation (current or deferred) to Lake Avenue Church.

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Gift of Life Insurance

Gifting a new or existing Life Insurance Policy allows you to make a significant gift to Lake Avenue Church without depleting your financial reserves for future needs. This gift provides a charitable tax deduction with minimal upfront costs and no ongoing fees.

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Gift of Real Estate

A gift of commercial, industrial or residential Real Estate or vacant land can result in a significant donation to Lake Avenue Church, the maximum charitable tax deduction possible for you and reduced capital gains liability.

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Giving Through Other Non-cash Gifts

There are others, such a gift of an automobile, a boat, jewelry or even furniture.

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make a Planned Gift

We invite you to contact Lake Avenue Church to initiate a conversation about any planned gift. While we encourage you to consult with a lawyer, tax advisor or financial planner of your choice, we will be glad to provide helpful information to guide you as you evaluate your options. We are also glad to speak with your financial advisor or attorney to discuss this giving option in complete confidence and without any obligation. Please call to arrange a conversation.

When making any planned gift, please notify us of your intentions so we can honor your desires and thank you for your generosity for God's work. Thank you!