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When to Choose a Gift of Life Insurance

When to Choose a Gift of Life Insurance

Your needs and desires

The original objectives of a life insurance policy may have changed over the years.  You desire to contribute a significant amount to Lake Avenue Church without depleting your financial reserves for future needs. In addition, you want to receive a charitable tax deduction, either now or for several years to come. You also want the gift-giving process to be fairly simple with minimal upfront costs and no ongoing management fees.

Why a Gift of Life Insurance may be a wise choice

Naming Lake Avenue Church as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy offers you several benefits while strengthening work of our Church:

  • If you irrevocably donate the full policy to Lake Avenue Church, you will no longer be responsible for paying any premiums and can deduct the full value of the policy from your income taxes.
  • If you donate a portion of the policy, your yearly premiums for that percentage are tax-deductible.
  • You will be assured that your life -- and your personal witness -- will be a living legacy through the work of Lake Avenue Church.

How to give a gift of Life Insurance

By naming Lake Avenue Church the owner and/or beneficiary of a policy, the proceeds the policy provides can be used to fund our programs and services for years to come. You may choose to designate these proceeds for a specific program, to establish an endowment or instruct us to invest in the greatest needs of the organization. Regardless of your choice, you will be confident that your generosity helps ensure Lake Avenue Church programs and services continue to be available at no cost to anyone who needs them.

What steps to take to make this gift

We will be pleased to have a confidential conversation with you and/or your advisor at no obligation.  To either contribute an existing policy or purchase a new policy to donate, begin by contacting the life insurance agent of your choice. This agent will explain the procedure and requirements, and provide you with any forms that need to be completed and signed, depending on whether you choose to donate the entire policy or a portion of it to Lake Avenue Church.

When considering a gift of life insurance, we encourage you to consider all your options carefully. To explore your options, please work directly with your estate planning, tax or legal advisor. We would be pleased to have a confidential conversation with you and/or your advisor to discuss this giving option at no obligation. Please contact us to set up a convenient time for a call or meeting.

When making any planned gift, please notify us of your intentions so we can honor your desires.

Thank you!

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