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A College & Young Adult Update

Baptism2022 CYAIn the last year and a half, college and young professionals have gathered to have an active presence here at Lake Avenue Church. The picture above captures the joy of deepening discipleship and community as we celebrated beach baptisms this pas summer! From their own perspective—we extend an invitation to you to join or pray for us:

“I am part of CYA group because it’s a welcoming and loving group that wants to grow together in the pursuit of God.” - LT

“I am part of the CYA group because it has helped me settle down at Lake Avenue Church as the place for me to grow closer to God and the people around me. The community has changed the direction of my life for the better and made it enjoyable to journey together as followers of Christ. From top down of the CYA community, the people helped me in the process of healing and provided many opportunities to serve. I am very glad to be with a group of people who are willing, excited, and filled with joy as they serve in the community . . . ” - TL

“I am part of the CYA group because it’s better to grow together in a faith community.” ~MC “I am part of the CYA group because it has encouraged and guided me to deepen my relationship with Jesus in personal and professional aspects of my life. These people love God and love others well, while we’re all trying to figure out this young adult life together!” - AA