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A Missional Community in My Neighborhood

Yes . . . I am an extrovert and I love meeting new people! When we moved into our house years ago, I had fun meeting the new neighbors. I formed a “Neighborhood Emergency Response Group.” Not only did that help us get to know our neighbors better, but it gave us comfort to know that if there was an emergency when we weren’t home—our neighbors would help to look after our house, our son, and our pets.

Hall Augurs Bob w Linda

That effort has made living here SO much better all these years. We aren’t “best friends” with all our neighbors . . . but we know them by name. We enjoy chatting about the weather or the local bears that raid our trash cans.

We have also prayed for our neighbors and invited some of them to church. I had become closer to one neighbor, in particular, Kathleen. I started inviting her to ALPHA twice every year. After many years, she finally said “yes” and became a Christian at that ALPHA! Now our friendship is amazing!

My husband, Bob & I hosted an ALPHA group at our home many years ago. It was fun and easy! LAC coordinated the attendees, materials, speakers and the food! We just opened the doors.

When I heard about the new LAC 2020 Missional Community initiative . . . I thought that this would be the perfect time to invite all our neighbors to an ALPHA at our home. This just feels like the natural next step.

Let us all get involved in this new missional movement God is creating in our community and live it out in our neighborhoods. Let us be a CHURCH IN MOTION!