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Celebrating with Family

Every year with the arrival of what is referred to as the Lunar Calendar New Year, the largest annual migration of peoples takes place. Sometimes known as Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival, peoples of Chinese heritage all around the globe will gather as families to prepare for and then share in, their biggest festival and celebration of the year.

Whether in China proper, or throughout much of Asia and across the Chinese diaspora worldwide, in less than two weeks this holiday movement and the family gatherings will be renewed, including many families here at LAC.

On January 26, 2020, we are all invited to celebrate this special time for our LAC Asian heritage

families as  members of one big spiritual family on the main LAC Plaza. We will have special connection stations set up offering some Chinese snacks and tea between services and a light lunch sampler after the second service. Join in the celebration with hundreds of our LAC Family with traditional music, some special songs of celebration, and things like Red Envelopes for the kids, a Chinese calligraphy table to have your name written in Chinese characters and a balloon artist too!

The Lunar New Year celebration, like all New Year’s celebrations, looks forward with hope for a year filled with happiness and prosperity, whether you are celebrating year 4717 or 2020, and together as one Family, we do so asking God’s direction and blessing for all of our families and for our big LAC “Unexpected Family!”