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Giving Life a Chance

It was the last day of February 2014 and the first day Obria Medical Clinic opened at 445 Lake Avenue. A young couple, students from Pasadena City College, walked through our doors. Her home pregnancy test was positive. They were young and didn’t know what to do.

As the nurse spoke privately with the young woman, another staffer spoke with her boyfriend in the lobby. He expressed that he only wanted to support her in whatever decision she made.

Often people think we “talk women into” continuing the pregnancy, but instead of talking,

we listen. We listen to her fears and the pressures that are pushing her toward termination. Then, we address those pressures by connecting her to resources in the community that can help her. We express our faith that she “can do this” and we are here to help. We find housing and other resources that can assist with her material needs. 

Everything is done with great compassion and we pray she experiences God’s love for her and His grace upon her life. We offer to pray with her, or, in this instance, with them.

That young couple walked into the clinic thinking termination might be their best option. But, after seeing the ultrasound and talking with our staff, they walked out deciding to continue the pregnancy.

It takes many to help those in need and to save a life. We value your support. We cherish your prayers and, we welcome volunteer inquiries. It’s our prayer that, together, many would be helped, lives would be saved, and this community would become a sanctuary for “life.” Learn more about us at or visit us in the Worship Center Lobby today.