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I Agreed to Host a Six-Week Small Group Bible Study

You never know who God is going to bring into your life, nor in what form it will take. The form... a Small Group. The who... Annie, Bill, Diana, Jose, Karen, Vicky, and I. Seven individuals—so different from each other, unknown to each other at the beginning. But in sharing our love of Christ, we came together to offer our thoughts on Scripture and to incorporate what we learned from each other into our daily lives. This experience has surpassed my expectations. My group has become an extension of support and camaraderie. We care for and share with each other, both through joyful experiences or in times when prayers, words of encouragement, or comfort are needed... as well as when we just need to get from point A to point B tomorrow. We discuss Scripture and enjoy seeing new insight in its offering. We also take time to just talk about anything... to laugh with, to listen to, to be encouraged, and give the same. Sometimes there may only be two or three of us—then we just catch up, chat and pray for one another and our needs. How special is that? We started our journey two weeks before Covid-lockdown and share our bi-weekly gatherings via Zoom with joy and expectation. We all have ongoing challenges... highs and lows—but we’ve got each other... our own little small group to help us on our journey... holding each other up through it all.

If you’d like to host or join a small group this fall, we’d love to connect you! We’ll be launching short term small groups in September. Questions? For more details, contact Pastor Annie Neufeld at , 626.817.4876, or visit us at our table in the lobby.