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Legacy Grandparenting Summit - A Faithful Journey

2022 10 22.091357 Lake Ave Church Legacy Grandparenting SummitWhat do all sincere believers want the most in all the world? Isn't it that we want to have those we love in heaven with us? A powerful way to pass our faith to future generations is by being a storyteller, God's storytellers. Everyone can have stories at-the- ready: when we were saved, another significant spiritual decision, or a failure and how God used it. Each of those personal stories will open up opportunities for deeper conversations. Over one hundred grandparents and pre-grandparents gathered at the Legacy Grandparenting Summit, October 21 & 22, to learn about becoming intentional Story-Tellers. We were blessed by Tommy Walker’s music and challenged by our speakers. Anne Graham-Lotz encouraged us to use hard times to increase our worship and our love for God, then pass along our story. Michelle Anthony reminded us to keep God the central part of our story. Crawford Loritts encouraged us to be resilient in each season of life and not stand in the way of the next generation. Summit attendees came from 21 churches. Lives were touched, prayer requests were shared, and people left with real tools to enhance their relationships.

“I am glad I attended. I never thought about sharing my testimony and faith journey with my grandkids.” ~Gary, Gold Coast Christian Church, Oxnard

"This was pivotal information and truly life-changing." ~Mark & Jen, Grace Community, Sun Valley "This was exactly what I needed. God’s timing is always perfect." ~Brenda, Moorpark Pres.

"Even though I'm not yet a grandparent, I learned so much and look forward to being a grandparent!" ~Ron, Evergreen Church, San Gabriel

"I am committed to invest in my grandchildren and point them to Jesus." ~Carol, Mission Valley FM, San Gabriel "I felt loved, encouraged and empowered!" ~Sheri, LAC