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Life Together

During a church service in January 2020, Tom and I were grouped with others who lived in our general neighborhood and all received a matching wristband. In April 2020, a month or so into the pandemic, this developed into a Zoom small group that has continued meeting ever since.

What started as a missional community with whom to share Holy Week, became a support to each other during the pandemic, and now a dear group of friends who have shared many of life’s joys and trials:

“I love that we are intergenerational, from a variety of backgrounds, all with stories to tell and fellow believers willing to listen. The affirmation is simply a blessing!”

~ Terry & Nancy Sheffield

"We see answers to prayer, but we also like celebrations. Last September, Denny and I arrived at LAC thinking we’d be picking up trash only to be surprised with a 65th Anniversary party! Seven months later, celebrating Denny’s Homegoing, the group went beyond the call of duty and took over the reception at his Memorial Service. Former strangers now forever friends.”

~ Carolyn Repko

“It's been a life changing experience. Suddenly I acquired an extended family of wonderful, wise, generous Christians. We are all able to share our inmost fears and joys, knowing we’ll receive no criticism, only compassion, support, and the delight of sharing prayers for each other.”

~ Jill Ware

Though the membership has fluctuated a bit with some going to work or moving away, this group has continued to be a wonderful mid-week blessing. “We encourage you to take a ‘next step’ toward community and try a small group. The spiritual rewards are abundant!” (The Sheffields)

If you'd like to host or join a small group this fall, please contact Pastor Annie Neufeld at , 626.817.4876, or visit us at our table in the Worship Center Lobby.