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Rooted: All-Church Discipleship Journey

We are excited to announce that in January 2023, Lake Avenue Church will launch a small-group discipleship program known as “Rooted.” As many of us know, discipleship is at the very heart of Jesus’ ministry. Yet, too many churches in America rely mostly on theological information as our primary motivator for change.

Rooted was created to bridge the disparity between what we believe and how we live. Several churches have undergone dramatic change through the Rooted experience, including Fellowship Monrovia, Mariners Church and Rolling Hills Covenant Church just to name a few. Its emphasis on discipleship through small groups fits perfectly with Pastor Mathew’s vision for LAC.

This past fall, 50 individuals in six pilot groups went through the Rooted 10-week program. Participants explored the Bible, engaged in prayer and serve experiences, shared stories, and practiced rhythms essential to a healthy spiritual life.

Now we are offering this experience churchwide to all who want to take part in the Rooted journey. Through Rooted, you will begin to see God in new ways, and hear His voice in surprising places. We encourage you to sign up starting December 18. Come with an open heart and see how God surprises you!

“From the first week, my heart was captured, and I responded in a deep way to the personal questions and the invitation to write a prayer to my God. However, the biggest surprise and new blessing was the quick openness and vulnerability of everyone in the group.” ~ Jeanne Mead

“I am excited about the Rooted culture of discipleship and blessed by the vulnerability, trust, and respect in this unexpected family.” ~ Sung Choe

Rooted small groups begin on January 22, 2023.

Discipleship is at the very heart of Jesus’ ministry. Pastor Mathew’s vision is that discipleship will be the cornerstone of LAC. Be on the lookout for details on a church-wide initiative called Rooted—a 10-week transformational small group experience where you will have the opportunity to deepen your connection with God, grow together in community, and discover how to more fully use your gifts and talents for the Kingdom. Small groups are being formed now for the Winter Session. Registration begins Sunday, December 18 in the Worship Center Lobby and online. For information and to register, visit our Small Groups page.