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Rooted in Love and Service

How many times I’ve heard, “I’m so excited over how God is leading us in this Rooted series! I so love being a part!” Then the story follows! The effect these stories have on me is like the crisp clear days when I see the clouds circled around the San Gabriel mountains! The beauty makes my heart jump! So, what a privilege it was to work with ten different Rooted groups prepping for their Rooted Service Projects. People came together and chose a variety of ways to serve through Care Ministries!

One Men’s group visited our members in Skilled Nursing Facilities and members who had arrived home from the hospital! They shared mutual joy together. Another few groups wrote cards to our Homebound with our Daily Bread devotional reminding all, “You are not forgotten.” Precious women wrote handwritten uplifting cards for those in sorrow or grieving. Treasures for sure! Two Women’s groups decided to make the bouquets and deliver the flowers themselves. Sweet fellowship was shared in giving and receiving! Another few groups worked on heartfelt greetings for The Flower Team to
send with the flowers.

One Rooted group bought cards (from our Cards for a Cause Ministry) and wrote Congratulations to those baptized! Another Rooted group delivered them on April 1 at a special time of baptism at our Rooted Celebration! After the sharing of their stories, the applause broke out from the encouraged church community! Each person was gifted with the celebration cards, red roses and given the elements for communion as they joined us in the congregation! Praise God for their decisions to make public their commitments to Jesus Christ! Well, need I go on . . . I could . . . but for this space, this is just some of the love and service celebrated!

Interested in Participating in a Rooted Small Group? 

More than 1,100 LAC Family members participated in 120 Rooted small groups this winter. Many shared how the combination of daily devotionals; weekly Sunday messages; discussions during the weekly meetings; devotion of the facilitators; prayer and serve experiences enabled the participants to deepen their relationship with the Lord and enjoy a true community. We expect to offer Rooted Groups twice a year—with the next session planned for the week of September 17, 2023. If you are interested in participating, please e-mail or fill out the interest form at