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The In Between

If you enjoyed the Rooted Transformation experience, you would enjoy participating in the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) course. God loves you and wants you to experience transformation and growth in your relationship with Jesus.

I wanted that, and as I went through the course, I sensed Jesus was with me all day—which gave me such peace. I learned that the patterns we learned from our family of origin affect us and play out in our present relationships. It also affects how we handle conflict and accept or deal with our feelings.

I had a conversation with someone. After we parted, I did not feel good about how things ended. One of the EHS chapters mentioned how we could resolve a tough conversation by saying, “I am puzzled, could you please clarify with me about what you mean by . . .?” I prayed that I would be able to share my feelings about our conversation. After sharing with my friend, they said they did not realize how their words had come across. We were able to share our feelings and work out the conflict. It felt good. I worried about that situation ahead of time but thank the Lord for helping me resolve the conflict, regardless of my feelings.

Being a part of a group like EHS is comforting to share and grow with others; to know that you are not alone in your grief, struggles, and joys. Our group met last year, and we are still connecting and sharing prayer needs via text. EHS helps me sit in God’s presence and refocus on the Lord every day.


Deepening Your Walk with God
Starts Oct. 5 – Dec. 7, 7–9 pm, HH404

EHS invites you to experience a loving union
with God and be transformed by the Holy Spirit to journey on a path of authentic Christlikeness. This FREE 9-week course will utilize a study from the book "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" by Peter Scazzero. Questions? Contact Henry Jones at . To register, visit us online using search keyword: ehs2023