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The Rooted Discipleship Experience and the 3B's

The 3B's Believe, Belong, and Become are all involved in the Lake Avenue community discipleship pathway.

The Rooted discipleship experience provides a 10-week foundation that will connect you with God, the Church and Your Purpose. It includes some basics of the faith (BELIEVE: including Who is God? Where Is God in the Midst of Suffering?) and some practical applications (BECOME: including How Can I Make the Most of My Life? What Does God Think About Money?)

Participants in the Rooted discipleship’s journey also experience the BELONG. At the heart of Rooted is a commitment to create Biblical community. Participants are brought together, not merely as individuals, but as a community beginning a shared journey of faith. There is excellent content and printed study material.  But Rooted is not a self-study course. Instead, it provides growth through intentional discussions and shared experiences. And it’s done with specific spiritual rhythms (including Prayer, Service, and Sharing Your Story) that will become part of a believer’s lifelong personal spiritual practices.

Celebration is a core practice of our Lake Avenue church life.  At the recent Fall 2023 Rooted celebration, numerous participants and facilitators shared the impact of community relationship thar developed as a result of rhythms of Prayer and Serving. Those kinds of stories are a long-lasting benefit of the Rooted experience.

The Winter 2024 Rooted Discipleship Experience will begin the week of February 18 (President’s Day), take a break for Easter, then complete in early May. For more information and to register for a mid-week or weekend in-person gathering, visit us online at