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What If...?

Children. The masters of the “what if,” What if I put glue on my hair? What if I eat the whole bag of candy? What if I just wear my parents’ shoes and run in the dirt? At a small age, children rarely worry about consequences or if something will work or not. Children are naturally curious because they are learning through every experience and social interaction they have. Their mind and imagination are always working and in motion. They do not worry if their hair is the right color or if their cute little rolls show in a Target tank top. They are who they are and no worry in the world will convince them otherwise.

As children get older, they categorize all their previous experiences into groups to help them solve problems or make future decisions. As adults, we become fearful of the “what if.” What if I don’t get the promotion or job? What if making a big investment causes financial struggles later down the road? Often these “what if” obstruct our minds, the vision, and possibilities that God has planned for us.

Children don’t see roadblocks as failures or challenges. To them, they just found 246 ways for a dump truck not to fit into Barbie’s dream home garage. Children inspire us to be bold, to try it anyways; bulldozer right over the worry and mark up all the fearful “what if” with as many magic markers possible. As adults, lets seek God. Search for God. Listen to God and his message for us. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Preview Week  |  Monday–Friday, May 16–20, 9:30–11:30 am

Did you miss us in February? We are back by popular demand! Give your child a one-week experience while learning about the Love of God, exploring the world around them through our play curriculum, and why being a child of God is the BEST! For more information contact our Preschool Director at or 626.844.4755. Registration is now open until May 13—accepting ages 20 months to 4.5 years. Please register online at