The Discipleship Pathway at LAC

is a lifelong transformative journey thoughtfully structured around three fundamental stages:

Jesus bridged the chasm that once separated God from humanity through His sacrifice on the cross. By wholeheartedly BELIEVING in this truth, we take a step across that bridge and are welcomed into the family of God. We BELONG in this spiritual family, which has one shared mission: to BECOME the living reflections of what He did on the cross – bridging the deep divide between church and culture

Our spiritual journey starts with the profound belief that Jesus is the Lord of all creation, and He died and was resurrected for the salvation of the world. The wholehearted acceptance of this truth marks the beginning of our discipleship journey.

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We are not solitary travelers on this journey, but cherished members of a larger family called the Church. Belonging to this spiritual family is the next step in our discipleship pathway, where we enjoy the warmth of friendship and fellowship with our fellow pilgrims.

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The journey progresses as we continue to reflect the image of Christ in our neighborhood and beyond. We become a living bridge that leads others to Christ by actively engaging the culture and embodying the Gospel in our everyday lives.

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