Meet Our Staff

Offices are open Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm, except holidays.

Staff Directory

Lead Ministry

Mathew P. John

Senior Pastor

Tiffany Reynoso

Executive Director of Church Operations

Lucy Thompson

Administrative Assistant to the Executive Offices

Congregational Life Ministries

Nick Barrett

Associate Pastor of Congregational Life

Jeff Rose

Director of Community Formation

Rufus Samuel

Director of Next Gen Ministries

Wesley Gates

Assistant Director of Student Ministries

Debbie Gonzalez

Administrative Coordinator for Congregational Life Ministries

Nancy Smith

Coordinator of Connecting Ministries

John Martin Roferos

Assistant Director of Young Adult Ministries

Carmela Lim

Early Elementary (K-3) Ministry Assistant

Christina Wolford

Club45 Coordinator

Christy Cooper

Interim Director of Care to Young Families and Children's Ministries

Val Uyeda

Interim Children's Ministry Registrar

Missional Outreach Ministries

Beth Paz

Associate Pastor of Missional Outreach

Denney Premkumar

Director of Evangelism

Mossy Moss

Missional Outreach Ministry Coordinator

Worship & the Arts

Jeremy Rose

Associate Pastor of Worship & the Arts Ministries

Duane Funderburk

Director of Instrumental Music

Sally Christopher

Administrative Assistant

Wendy Walsh-Canas

Coordinator of Children's Choral Music

Comunidad de las Américas

Jorge Sanchez

Pastor of Comunidad de las Américas

Sergio Ponce

Comunidad de las Américas Ministry Assistant

Carlos Morales

Director of Evangelism & Assimilation to CDLA


Tsega Worku

Director of Counseling

Yeju Kim

Counseling Center Coordinator

Administration & Finance

Tiffany Reynoso

Executive Director of Church Operations

Emil Tulcan

Director of Communications

Levi Heidelberg

Director of Operations & Campus Services

Michael Misakian

Production Manager

Steven Escobosa

People Operations Manager

Marian Coleman

Lead Events Coordinator

Jackson Uy

Website Administrator 2

Tee Limtrakul

Network and Systems Administrator

Kaycy Martin

Receptionist & Accounting Assistant

Faith Sousa

Accounting, AP & HR Clerk

Handy Atmali

Communications Coordinator

Monica Davis

Service Center Facilitator

Nader Wahbi

Senior Production Artist

Nathan Pinto

AV Engineer