It’s Green Oak Ranch time again! Registration opens April 1, 2024. Green Oak Ranch is the perfect place for you to enjoy the outdoors and fellowship with each other.

We are back in full swing with meals being included with your Green Oak camp registration. Green Oak Camp has also upgraded their shower and other facilities. the pond is full, the animal pen is busier than ever with new births having taken place just last year and - RV spots are available as well (but no RV boondocking/hookups).

We will still have all of the activities you know and love, from hiking and softball to crafts and archery. There are activities for everyone at every age. This is a great opportunity to invite friends and family for a weekend of fun. Sign up now to ensure the Green Oak Ranch Memorial Day weekend family camp can happen this year and years to come.

Michael Mitchell

Camp Coordinator

[email protected]

About Green Oak Camp

"Lake does more in three days than most camps do in a whole week!"

Green Oak Ranch Staff

Our desire at Green Oak Camp is to give the LAC Family a truly long, fun, relaxing, and amazing family experience building relationships with friends, and family where new relationships can be fostered.

Set in a camping environment in the heart of Vista California, away from the usual, and provide activities for kids to be with kids, for adults to be with adults, and for adults/parents to interact with kids.

Our History

Starting in 1979 several LAC families from Galileans Adult Class went camping. The group continued to grow year after year. Then, in 1985 one of its class members (who happened to be on the board of the Union Rescue Mission, the owner of the ranch) made arrangements for them to camp there. They provided their own meals and activities, starting with crafts and a Sunday service geared strictly for the kids.

The Galileans Class realized the importance of this extended weekend and the remarkable location and practically made it mandatory for everyone in the class to go – particularly new people - since the weekend while only three full days felt like it was worth more than three years of time spent in class on Sunday only.


We encourage you to invite your friends, family, and co-workers, as it is a very easy-going and welcoming atmosphere that everyone can participate in and become part of. Our children's worship service is still geared to the kids with a children's sermon, yet always with an open and inviting Gospel message for everyone.

There is a spirit of working and playing together that permeates the ranch experience. People share food, bicycles, squirt guns, help each other with their tents, gather 'round campfires and just become extended family for the weekend. It is really, truly one of the best ways to meet people and become part of the LAC Family.

If you have not been, ask others around Lake, check out the video and come - we promise it will be worth every minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check in begins at 2 pm on Friday. You'll be greeted by the Green Oak Ranch welcome wagon.

The campsites are on a first come, first served basis. You are not allowed to save spots for your friends unless you set up their tent or park their RV.

Memorial Day weekend at Green Oak Ranch is cool in the mornings and evenings with sunshine in the afternoon after the marine layer burns off. It can drizzle or it can be very warm. Bring a coat and sunscreen!

There are two areas for tent camping (like camping in a park): Creekside and Lakeview Terrace. RV's may also park at Creekside. Both have shady and sunny areas. Picnic tables are not located at the individual campsites. There are non-movable tables located in the centrally located picnic area. We suggest you bring your own cooking tables, dining tables, and chairs.

There are no fire pits, but you may bring your own provided it is raised off the ground. No fire pits are allowed under trees. Firewood may be available at the facility and is certainly available at local markets.

They have single and bunk-style beds and are comfortable for up to 10 people. They also have two small hanging closets, ten dresser compartments, a writing desk, electrical outlets, and electric heat.

No Cooking, food, drinks, and fire pits are allowed in the cabin areas. This is a chance to coordinate meals with a tent-dweller or RV camper. Bathrooms and showers are located conveniently adjacent to the cabins.

You may park long enough to unload. Parking is prohibited at campsites and cabins, but there are plenty of spots in the designated parking areas.

There are four restroom/shower facilities. Also, there are restrooms adjacent to the dining hall. There is a coin-operated washer and dryer.

Basketball, softball, volleyball, water wars, soccer, swimming, hiking, nature center, petting zoo, gold panning, bicycling, crafts (minimal charge and very popular!), card & board games (bring your own to share), coffee house, hayride, Sunday worship, water wars, napping, drinking coffee, square dancing, fishing tournament and hanging out with friends.

Bicycles, baseball gloves, softballs, bats, volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, Frisbees, lawn chairs, flash lights, guitars, table, swim suits, floaties, cook stove, ice chest, dining utensils and plates, lanterns, food, drinks, pillows, water guns (serious stuff – nothing wimpy!), munchies, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, you get the idea.

Shopping and Services are located right outside the campground. Establishments include Wal-Mart, Target, Starbucks, Stater Brothers, pizza, Chinese food, IHOP, etc. Besides, as Jeff Leonard says, "whatever you forgot; Davey Crocket never had!"

Saturday barbeque dinner, Sunday breakfast, and ice cream social.

Leave your beloved pets at home, includes dogs, cats, gold fish, birds, and reptiles.

Wrist bands will be provided in your welcome packet. You'll need these for the weekend, Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast. These are primarily for safety and security to ensure that everyone is registered and accounted for. Thank you for your cooperation!

Saturday morning at 7 am we serve Starbucks and hot chocolate at “The Coffee Cabin” (located at the BBQs). There’s also a Starbucks conveniently located blocks from Green Oak Ranch!

The kitchen staff at the dining hall is glad to store you medicine in their refrigerator or freezer. Most people have found it more convenient to ask a neighbor with an RV if they would keep it cold for them.

Babies are welcome and will be wide eyed with the ducks, lambs, goats, bobcat etc. etc. Babies may be bathed in the shower with you or in one of the sinks. There is hot water in all the restrooms.

We make no promises! If it rains, it will create a real family adventure. The BBQ will be moved to the dining hall. Line dancing will be moved to The Old Town Hall. The kids sermon will be under umbrellas. The kids will run around, and depending on how wet it is will still participate in many activities. Adults and kids, no doubt will spend more time under awnings, in tents, or their neighbors RV’s, talking and playing games. There will not be any refunds or rain checks!

Yes there is wifi. Some locations are better than others, though. Your friend may be good at their camp, or have to move next door to someone else's campsite. There is good reception at the picnic tables and lots of people bring their laptops and devices.

Green Oak Ranch is an alcohol-free zone. No pets are allowed. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

Meet Our Team

Michael Mitchell

Camp Coordinator